i'm trying to start this band, i am playing guitar and i m trying to teach my friend bass, but i dont even know a drummer and with my luck if i find one they will have different styles from me. should i even try to get a band or should i give up and hope that musicians come and find me???
you gotta keep looking for them, or you can do the one man band thing (which is what i do, drums synth,bass,guitar, vocals, everything!!!!) but getting gigs as a one man band is hard unless you just wanna gig with a PA and an acoustic, its a bit easier that way.
yeah dont give up hope, just keep on practicing, do it for the music, and people will find u

Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die, Aces High.
keep on trying, if you give up you're just hopeless. people who stand up for themselves and stand out and keep trying over and over again are the people who are gonna last! now think about that
mario's right. as obi wan would put it, the force will b with u always. u just have to keep trying and doing ur thing u know?
If you give up what will keep you motivated for anything. Keep teaching your buddy, you could post flyers around your school saying you are looking for....and hopefully you get some responces....
thanks, one problem though, i am home schooled, so i cant do the thing with the flyers. but thanks for the advice. its helpful, thankfully, my friends coming around on the bass so at least most of its coming together and were getting some awesome lyrics and tunes so just keep posting if you guys have any suggestions, thanks!
yeah, its me again, one more question for you guys, im taking singing lessons, but my voice i dont think sounds too good, should i tryi to find a singer or should i sing, what do you think?