Schecters helping me out to turn my crappy slammer hammer into a solidbody with a back cavity, Ill keep ya updated whenever anything changes on it, just setting up a thread as a tutorial, and to get some of ur guys's opinions. Now for the unvailing of the discustingly routed... thing.

ooo... ahhh... i know. its ugly, but when im done, ittle be nice.

Heres the story of this guitar... It was my friends, none of the electonics worked and the painjob was chipped and gross, so and I decided to work on a dual project, Me with my squier strat and him with his Slammer Hammer. I finished my project but the painjob on his wasnt going right and besides, none of the electronics worked, so he ditched it and gave it to me. From there it was my project guitar, anything I wanted to try I did on this thing.

I currently have a slotted kneck and EMG Selects waiting for the body to be done. As time goes on, I might grab a new neck too, seeing that its not a very good slot-job.


Thanks for looking, and Ill be sure to keep you guys updated!
yes, he is gonna glue in similar wood to the HUGE hole in it rite now, then sand it flush with the body, but rite now hes at Home depot picking up paper and stripper

once he sands the body down, he is gonna glue in the similar wood, sand it flush with the body, then clean up the wood a lot nicer and then rear route for his control cavity, and reroute for a tremolo, or just make it a hardtail, then he is gonna route for his pickup cavities, then use his drill press to create his pot cavity then i dont know about the rst yet..so..
I thought someone had put carpet in the guitar when I saw the first pic!
err, thats a hollowbody? could you take a pic that shows more of the hollowness?
Ahh, I have done kinda the same thing to my guitar. I put a peice of maple into my bridge route. 9Not my bridge spring route) and put in a tele bridge! It's the best thing I have ever done to my guitar!

Buy a good size peice of whatever wood you liek best. (depending on the tone you want. I don't think it makes THAT big of a difference. But it's all about getting PRESICELY the tone you want) Cut it, sand it so the block of wood goes in smoothly, yet snugly. Glue it in using either wood glue, industral epoxy, and/or polyurethane glue. Fill in the gaps with epoxy or wood filler, and sand it flush!

Now decide what bridge you wana put on!
Yeah its not really a hollowbody, Im turning an electric into a solid body. Sorry bout that...

Just purchased the first part of it, the paint thinner and sand paper. Ill be keeping a log of the exact price this project costs me as I go on. The stripper and paper cost $18.84. (Cheapest stripper ive ever seen )

Btw, you guys... start posting ideas for the paintjob!
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I think you should paint the guitar matte black and then put two red stripes up the center of the guitar.

(Paint it all red, and then put tape over the two stripes, and then paint matte black over.)
absinthe5765, you should do well with Schecter-06's guidance/help

Since it will be w/o a PG and you're asking for ideas, how about:

2 buckers, preferably face-melting ones;
a Floyd Rose, of couse; and,
scalloped frets!

The pics just happen to show a green guitar ... could be any color or graphics.
Well first off, this project was started to get rid of my tremolo, Im looking for a nice basic body-through bridge. Dont ask, I just dont like them.

Second, most of the cool design in that is from the wood isnt it? This wood (as you can probably see in that picture) is crap, its layered like plywood.

Third, Ive got 3 singlecoil EMG selects waiting for this thing.

Dont get me wrong, I absolutely love that design and wish I could do it, but right now Im looking at rattle-can and airbrush paintjobs.

I will look into the whole dark green-silver scheme, thats really workin for me.
^ I knew about the EMGs and hardtail or trem re-route ... except I got this project and the 3 or 4 other threads about adding or upgrading to a FR mixed up in my head

So back on track ... if you're doing masking and spraypainting, make sure you have the proper cutting blades. I used a box cutter on a small/delicate graphic and it was a b!tch peeling off the masking tape.

There are lots of talented designers, so TTT for them to propose options in addition to your left to right, diagonal stripes.
I figured Id just spray a nice green stripe across the body with the airbrush, stretch some of that blue masking tape across the body evenly, then spray the whole thing black. The glossing is what has always been the biggest problem for me though. Never found a good way to do that.

P.S. its all good, it actually inspired me a bit. Im thinking now of spraying the headstock also. (silver and darkish green) "Corys Effin Guitar Don't Touch" Catchy eh?
Usually a swimming pool route is considered bad btw.
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Usually a swimming pool route is considered bad btw.

Has anyone mention Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar? Ok, I will.
His 'Lenny' guitar originally had the centre routed out to fit four humbuckers. When Stevie got it, he had fender single coils put on it. The middle's practically hollow, so he gets that cool tone.

It might feed back a bit, but if it's well shielded, it shouldn't be a problem.
Swimming pool routes are a taste thing. You won't have any troubles with feedback with them.
man thats so,

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Hah thanks, But thats not exactly what the writings gunna look like, that looks like **** on paint, im just trying to give u an idea that there will be random doodling written all over it. Its MS paint, u cant make masterpieces with that, but Shecter and a few other friends can with a pencil.

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make sure if you write any formulas, you get them right. you don't want to look like an idiot.

Dont worry, Ive got Schecter holding my hand the whole way.

not literally.
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Anywho, back to the actual project, I have cardboard cutouts of what size and shape the wood needs to be, but the wood I was going to be using was used to help on a different project, so now I have no wood.

But seeing the place the wood will be, its an excellent opportunity to put some decent tone wood in there give it a little better tone. The bridge and all the pickups will be right on it so it should help out if i use a good wood. Now where can I get some cheap scraps of decent wood?
Mind as well update. I trashed the notebook paper idea, and Ive got a nice block of poplar to work with, it was only like 3 bucks for 2 feet of it, so w/e. Tomarrow im goin over to my friends house, her dad has a bandsaw, and well work on filling in the gaps and mabey even using woodfiller and sanding it out. Hopfully.

Alright, I STILL havnt had time to go use that bandsaw, but i started cutting out some pieces with a coping saw, Ive got the main route filled and im working on the input jack, but its being a total pain in the ass. I cant turn my left wrist very far nemore cuz it hurts from holding the wood while i cut with my right. Im gunna go get cleaned up, but hopfully damn thing will be filled in soon.