Hey guys...

I'm looking to buy a new amp for around £500-£600 and have come to the opinion that I probably couldn't get a decent head and cab for that price limit, so I was wondering if anyone could suggest a decent valve combo for me. Would they be a suitable alternative to a head/cab?

These are my needs:

- Pretty good cleans... Not an absolute must-have but they must at least be useable. Creamy ounding, not too jangly or crunchy. Nice round, soft-ish sound.

- Mid to high-gain sound... I play in an original band, and I would describe my needs as being anywhere between fast-ish punk (Alkaline Trio, Bayside, AFI), with solos (see Bad Religion, NOFX, etc) but with slightly metal-tinged rhythm work, with fast chugs, fast palm-muting, etc (so see Avenged Sevenfold, etc). That's about the spectrum.

- Needs tight bass response. I don't necessarily play with the bass particularly high, but I need the bass to be there and I don't want it flabby.

- The mid-range needs to be strong too, so that even if I back off the mids slightly, they still remain solid in the sound without disappearing.

- I need at least 2 channels - clean and distortion. I need a third sound for solo-ing, but it doesn't matter if this is via a third channel or via a gain switch or something similar.

- Be in the region of 50 watts. I'll gig with it, but I also need it to practice with, so 50 watts should be plenty and then some to crank those tubes.

- Not too bright or mid-based. I like a dark sounding tone, but not a metal-style heavy, high-gain low grungey sound. I play with the gain around 5 or 6, to keep the tone clear and articulated, but I do like a little bit of darkness and depth to the tone.

- A footswitchable FX loop would be handy, and the channels MUST be footswitchable.

That's all I can think of for now, if I think of anything more, I'll edit!

Suggest away!
ive actually been looking for something a lot like that... havent found much though,
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engl screamer and laney tt50 combo would be the ones I'd look at. You might want to save about another £100 though.

and the marshall dsl, orange rockerverb 30, laney vc and lc30 (probably not enough gain), peavey classic 30 as outside shots, if you're willing to use an overdrive pedal for your solos.
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