ok, ive been playing the guitar for a few years, and the electric guitar ive got isnt particulary good (its a starter guitar). So I'm thinking of getting a ESP EC-50. Is this a good guitar to get as my second?
instead get an Epiphone or Ibanez.
They are the best starter guitars in my opinion.
And they are cheap.
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no, sadly its not. its the same as your starter guitar. save up a little more and just buy an ibanez RG321 because im guessing you like to play metal.
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for a second guitar, probablly not...

try some lower end ibanez guitars or even a slighter higher up LTD. ECs are kinda cheap actually. you can get an EC1000 for about $700.
ok so not the esp, what about an epiphone lp-100 vintage sunburst. i rekon i could get that one. would that be better.
The LP-100 is a nice guitar, but just save up your money since if you are stuck on the Les Paul shape then get an Agile since they are much better than Epiphones (at lest none Elitist) and you'll love it.
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ah, but you cant buy agiles in the uk, which would mean spending loads on shipping to get it here.