hey all I'm looking to get into custom pedal building, before moving on to potentially custom building a guitar. I have only a rudimentary knowledge of electronics and have been looking at a couple of books which may be able to help me. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever read these books and knows if they are any use?

They are: Electronic Projects for Musicians here


DIY Projects For Guitarists here

Thanks in advance
Both of those books are good. Craig Anderton, the author of the first one is a very well respected person in the pedal building community (even though he was slightly more from the synth side of things, I think he was vice president of Kurzweil or something like that for a short while).

However it is a bit in the past (as the majority of it was written it in the 70s) but a lot of stuff in it is universal. Theres good stuff in there in general. No idea about the second one.

Theres plenty of stuff on the internet though:
http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/ (great forum that should be able to answer most of your questions)

edit: I just realised that my desk looks like the title of that book
Great! Thanks for your help. I'm really looking for something to take me right through from beginning reading schematics to my first basic project

(yes i am that much of a noob) :P

EDIT: the muzique website recommends both of those books as good ones to read
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