So, I'm getting a kickass computer in a few days, so I'm thinking I'll finally screw the cheapo mic and record straight in.

ok, so I know I'd need to get a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter, and then plug straight into the mic spot on my sound card.

but like, from where do I run it into the comp from the amp? like, if I want to use the amp still for distortion.

btw, I have a Peavey XXX

if you didn't understand the question lemme try to rephrase:
guitar-cord-amp-cord-1/8to1/4-sound card

red part, wheres the 1/4th go into my amp?
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And just run a standard 1/4" instrument cable from your line out into your 1/8" adapter.
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I don't have a "line out" exactly called that. sorry I should of said more, I know it'd normally be a line out. i have an output for a cab. is that the same as line out? it doesn't exactly say line out so I'm not sure.

and where can I find the adapter
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NO! do not, I repeat do not use that jack. You will blow the anp up and probably hurt whatever you are plugging into. That jack is a powered jack so it is sending a lot of power out of the amp.
my goal is to not use a mic. it makes anything you do sound like utter ****. it totally kills any tone and sence of equalizing.

I don't really know what you mean my recording interface.

and I'd probably have to spend a lot to get a mic that actually sounded acceptable....

why don't I have a friggen line out?
I ordered a sound card with my comp hoping I'd be able to get better recording quality (wasn't only for that, but I'd really like to record straight in somehow.

sigh, what other options do I have?
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Actually your better off using a Mic, try buying a Shure mic and recording with that.
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yeah. if you must record into the computer be sure to add some reverb to compensate.
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those mics are pretty expensive

joel- but there's no way I can record straight in..
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Some amps have recording compensated outputs, but even those tend to sound like **** when played straight through a computer. (Non compensated) Line-outputs are usable only with a cabinet modeller (without one distortion sounds are just BZZZZZ) or when run into another power amp and cab.

Usually, the best way to record a guitar amps is to use a mic (Shure SM57 is tried and tested classic) and a mic preamp.

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