Hey everybody. I've been playing bass for about 5 years now, and I'm thinking of moving to a new 5 string. I recently went to Guitar Center and fell in love with the Schecter Stilletto Custom. Right now I'm playing a 4 string Fender J. It's nice, but the picups are completely shot and I'd like one more string. I play mostly funk, but I'm looking for a versatile ax. Any thoughts on this bass? Thanks a lot
Well, I own an Elite-4, which is essentially the same thing, except its a 4-string the Elites have neck-through design instead of bolt on. Also, I personally think they look a lot better (mmmmm.....black cherry and gold hardware........).

But back to the topic. Schecter makes great basses. I have yet to play another bass that I would rather own. I'd gladly take my E-4 over any of the others I've played. The only thing that I've ever heard anyone complain about concerning the Stiletto line is the neck width. Personally I like a thin neck, but not everyone does, so they gripe about that. I played an E-5 just a few days ago, and even though I don't much care for 5 stings, I must say it was a very nice bass.

As for versatility, this bass does a lot. You can get a great multitude of sounds out of it, and from what I've seen/heard you can do pretty much anything, from simple finger picking to slap (though I can't say for sure on the slap part, I personally don't slap at all).

Personally the only thing I would recomend is to take the Elite over the Custom, but that's more personal preference for neck-through and for the color than anything else. The pickups/electronics are all the same between them. If you like the sound, go for it. Its a great bass for a great price.

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Schecter basses have a very rolly, wooden sound, almost Victor Wootenish in a way. I quite like them.
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Shecter Stillettos>>>>Fender American Basses


They are cheaper because they make them overseas for less money than it would take to make it here.

When you buy guitars from companies like Shecter and Epiphone you are getting much more bang for your buck than american made guitars.