I've been looking around for a nice blusey pedal and I need some suggestions. I've tried some ibanez tube screamers but I'm wondering if theres better ones or if i can get better deals. Any suggestions are welcome.
You might want to try a Boss BD2

also note that there are many different tube screamers (TS9, TS808, the Maxon versions and modded versions of practically all of them...you can also get the Boss BD2 modded)
I tryed the ts9 and ts808 and i thought ts808 was better but ill try the boss bd2.
I've also heard some good things about the Digitech Bad Monkey as a cheap overdrive pedal, can't remember if the Screamin Blues one is good, worth a try at least. I believe their line of distortion pedals (apart from the DF7 I believe) aren't digital like most of their other stuff.
Try some boutique stuff too, like the T.Rex double overdrive, that was quite nice.

But a Boss Blues Driver would probably be good for you too, very "Cream" like.
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your not gonna get much better than the tubescreamer

theya re amazing
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