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Here's the deal: Like so many others, I feel like upgrading my gear some.. I have no problems with my guitars, I have a Fender Strata and an ESP LTD EX-400. The problem is that my amp... Well... It's a Peavey Rage 158, 15 watt I think, and well.. It wont give me the metalsound that I want... I'm looking for something more powerfull, that can measure up with the db from a set of drums, and I'm looking for that reeeeaally faaaat metalsound, which my ESP LTD is built for.. Since it has EMG's, a tubeamp is what I want, and since I have no idea what to get, I though you guys might want to help me.. I was thinking maybe a Marshall or a Mesa Boogie, in the pricerange of, well lets se... It's 10.000 in SEK, that would be like...
1428 US dollars..

So, a tubeamp that is powerfull and can measure up with a set of drums, and that can provide me with a fat metal sound.. What do you say?

peavey 5150 (used) and a carvin legacy cab.
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