Having problems finding the root note when playing along to chord progressions in lead.

Is this just a case of learn were all the notes are. I can figure it out eventualy but it take some time so could you suggest some lessons on this and could you tell me how you over came this?
ok then. But that link wasn't working. Could you post it again thanks.
I recommend learning the feel of chords relative in a key. Each chord has a different feeling in relation to the tonic, and that's usually the easiest way to find where the root is. Alternatively, you can go to good ear and work on 'note placement.' Get that going and you can put yourself on the root after any single note.
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Today i was jamin with my rymth guitarist and without thinkin about wer the root note was i was finding it quite easily but i struggle when ther isnt a chord being played to play against.

So I dont have to start a new thread i was wondering about building my speed up and how to go about doing this?