Hello there, I have a guitar and I was wondering if there is anyway to tell if it has good sustain? Is there some sort of system sustain is measured by, or is the only way to tell just to compare it to other guitars? Thank you.
hold down on any fret, pluck the string and see how long the guitar holds the note without any effects. sustain is helped by humbuckers and by heavy bodies. solid mahogany guitars are usually pretty heavy and have excellent sustain
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See how long you r middle C (5th str. 3rd fret) rings when you pick it.
You can also do any note on the B or high E and if it goes for like 5 to 7 seconds without using vibrato it is average.
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Sustain is how long notes hold. Sustain is probably measured in time(seconds), I don't know the average sustain though, can you describe your guitar?
Set-neck guitars have lots of sustain, string-thru also adds sustain, Mahogany bodies/necks and other high-end woods have great sustain.
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Its not really the guitar I am wondering about. It is one I made myself though. I was just wondering if there is a standard unit that can be used to compare sustain without actually having to get two guitars and compare them.
hit an e-chord....go have a sandwich......if you come back and the note is sill ringing....you have good sustain.
Thats like asking someone if your good at masturbating. . .

It's just whatever you think is good, if you love sustain, then youll be able to tell if it has none
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eh like said sustain is measured by ear or you could use a stopwatch whichever you feel would give you more accurate readings