Ok heres the deal. I can't buy a new one unil like next month and i cant wat that long so how can I fix my current one? The problem is the sound won't come out of it and i have to move it around ALOT sometimes i move it sround for 10 mins. and nothing. What can I do?
Check the solders on the connections. They may be loose. If that fails, maybe cut the cable and resolder the tips onto it.
^ I don't know what you mean. And this is not the type of cable that the input jack can come out. So can you explain alot more plz like i dont even know wut a solider is...
soldering is the melting down of the metal from the tips of a wire to the tips of the jack.... You'll either have to solder it or just wait my friend.
You could get a **** one for 5 bucks. . .

are you gonna be gigging or something?. . . half the time i dont even plug in. . .
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