I am going to be picking up a mic in order to record my amp. I want to avoid using the line out on my amp and just mic the speakers. I will probably buy a cheaper mic and plug it into my computer.

How would I go about doing this?
What kind of mic would you recommend?
What settings on the computer?
Where to plug into?
Where shoudl the mic be positioned on a 412 cab?

Thanks in advance
Shure SM57
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^ word. nuff said. plug it into any audio interface. place it directly facing the cone on any given speaker. bam.
Any other mics that might be any cheaper? Also do mics usually come with cables? I only want this to do little recordings at home to sample my tones and settings.
They do not come with cables but i got a sweet deal on my shuresm57 on Ebay, 89$ free shipping and free 20ft cable. Try and look for em on ebay. Maybe even used ones cause I wouldn't wrry about a malfunction cause they are built like tanks. I've also been told a lot of touring bands use em and then sell em on ebay as used. The deal I got was for a new one though. And I think the sm57 raised the price to 99$. Heres the seller, hes selling another one check it out
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^ that really is a great deal, i dont need another one, but i suggest that anyone looking for an SM57 should grab that deal.

if you are worried about the price of that, and want to plug straight into your PC you wont get the full potential of the mic. an audio inteface makes your recordings sound so much better, unless you already have a soundcard made for recording. since you probably dont, i suggest you get the sm57 then save up for a bit more then get an interface, using an adapter in the mean time. thats my advice anyway.