I found this poem/song an hour ago that I wrote last summer...its a Wall-esque type of work thats full off cliches and doesn't flow that well lol...but I still want your opinions.

Crit for a Crit

Single file now down the road you go
Don't stray from the path now and don't disrupt the flow
Yes there are many things to see
But there are also things you musn't know

Left right, left right
Left right left right

I know it can be tiresome
I have been where you are
But don't start to fret now, the journey isn't far
Just stay in line and things won't be too hard

Left right left right
Left right left right

Hurry please there is little time left
Give it your all for this is your final test
Passing is neccessary so please do your best
Or you'll fall, and be thrown aside like the rest

Left right left right
Left right left right

You have completed your task
you should be proud
There are so many new things to be found
Finally it is time to make your own sound

right left right left
right left right left
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