I used a backing track from Total Guitar magazine for this - please critique....it's not the whole song, cause that would get really really boring.......no vocals....

1. Tone - I used my MIM Strat and GT-6 - tweaked my own patch...
2. Groove and feel - do I nail it, or what can I do to make it better?


Wow.. that was really impressive.. you nailed it pretty well, would like to hear the bass just a "tiny" bit more
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Tone sounds great, and the playing sounds excellent. One question: why'd you leave out the solo?
Thanks - I didn't learn the solo because I really don't like it all that much...I love Frusciante's playing but much prefer his bluesier solos.
Should do the solo... download a live version of the song and get an idea from that if you don't like the recorded solo. You can pull of some cool pentatonic licks really fast with a wah and make it sound intense and cool.
great tone
awesome song
did a great job.. did you record drums or a program?
whatever i gave it 9/10
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Good job!! Youve got that one down! Id like to have heard some vocals, I love this song. Maybe find someone to sing for you then this would just rock. Ive never tried using backtracks but after this Ill have to give them a shot!

crit 4 crit please
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An awesome song... a great cover. Would've loved to hear the vocals, but as a guy who can't put vocals into his covers either I know how it is. Crank the bass for one thing... that song is pretty bass orientated so its important the bass sticks out. The backing track is perfect and the timing is spot on throughout the whole song. Someone else said it, but I would've liked that alot more with SOME sort of solo even if you just improvised. Like the other guy said, play some licks with heavy wah and it'll fit in there nicely. Sitting here with a guitar right now I can come up with some interesting guitar parts that would fit along to the solo with about two minutes of thought.

Improvising and changing a cover around is part of the reason of doing a cover in the first place... put something of your own into it

Well done though