If anyone is interested...

Hagstrom F-301
Tobacco sunburst
21 medium frets
made in China

http://www.hagstromguitars.com/f300.html for a picture.

Just received this guitar from Musicians Fiend, shipped for under $300. When I first opened the box I noticed the top two screws of the neck plate hadn't seated the neck in the slot. So, remove strings, reinstall neck backing plate. Action is a little high but totally playable. Neck is straight as an arrow. Frets and nut finished well, no sharp edges. Things like tuners, knobs, switch and jacks are all mounted well and function properly. The tuners are very good BTW.

Body is sort of a cross between Strat and SG, very easy access to upper frets, light, good balance, I could play standing all day. I haven't made any adjustments to the trem, it's like a strat trem so no dive bombs, but pretty good control of vibrato. I need to dial back the spring tension and try some more.

Plug it in, tune it, turn on the amp to a dirty channel and, WHOA, these pickups are hot! The humbucker in the bridge is smoking hot, much like the warthog in my other guitar, great tone too. The middle and neck singles are a lot like Texas specials but the middle isn't quite as emphasized, very balanced. I could play anything from Gilmour to SRV with the middle pickup, searing lead tone from the neck. Very versatile guitar simply because the stock pickups are just excellent.

Hagstrom says they have the fastest necks on the planet. I have to let the guitar rest for a bit then set the action (which is done on each saddle). Then we'll see. The dirty stock strings didn't hurt tone but made things sticky to play so a change of strings when I adjust action height and I'll have a better idea about speed. Off hand, it's as quick as a medium-high action strat but the neck is a little thinner, not Wizard thin but between a Wizard 2 and american strat. Nice shape, works well with my small hands.

The neck install notwithstanding, this is a very good guitar. Consider the price and it's a steal. I'd consider it for the pickups alone. A very viable alternative to a fat strat or mexican.

I give it a 4 out of 5 and add it to my recommendations.
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Cool. Never played a Hagstrom before - not too fond of how it looks either.

I saw this guitar on guitarcenter.com and I like the price and how it looks. I need a new guitar anyway, so I'm going to pick it up today, especially since you gave it such a nice review. Thanks, I can't wait till i get it.
Maybe you should own the guitar for at least 1 month before doing a review.... i mean honestly.. you cant judge it right away

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