ok so im customizing my old guitar and when i took off the back cover to take out the bridge there was a wire. and i have no idea what it was for. the bridge is a tremolo/strat style bridge. and the wire was going from the volume or tone knob ( forget which one exactly) through the back of the guitar and was attached to the small metal peice that's attached to the body in the back that holds the springs. so if u get wut im sayin.. then wut hell is it for? thnx
Its the ground wire.
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yep its a ground wire
it reduces buzzing from the pickups and stuff
u can cut it but ur guitar might buzz when hooked up 2 an amp
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you can cut it or desolder it off, just make sure that when you are wiring it back up you make the wiring the exact same as it is before.

The wire you are talking about is the central ground point for strat style guitars, it is important that you rewire that back up in the same postitions, or else your pickups can die down on you, also the pot you are talking about is the Volume Pot..