Alright. so i'm looking for a new amp that will sound great as an addition to my rig. I have yet to understand the pros and cons over having a stack or a combo. If anyone can help me with that i'd be really happy.

Also, what amps would u recommend between both catagories? Right now I have a strat and I'm getting either a gibson sg special faded, an epi LP standard, or a epi LP custom. As for my style of playing, i play a lot of classic rock. (ya know, zeppelin, ac/dc, etc.)
My Gear:

Epi Les Paul Standard
Fender 48th Street Strat
Vox Valvetronix AD50VT
Martin Koa Acoustic
Some crappy unnamed bass
What's your budget?

I can't reccomend you much without a price range, but a Vox AC30 or a Marshall JCM 800 could fit you great. You should also look into the Peavey Classic series, a Fender Blues Jr, or some Laneys. Instead of the guitars you mentioned, you should get an Epiphone Les Paul Elitist. It owns all Epiphones and is even better than most Low-end Gibsons. Choosing between a Stack or a combo really depends on your situation. Stacks are usually better for gigs and such, while combos are better for home practice. This isn't a rule though, and the two can be used for either.
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