just got done with Children of Bodom's Bed of Razors. it's one of my favorite CoB song so i gave it a shot. the sweeps in the solo need a little work, as with the very end of the solo. let me know what you guys think.

I'm surprised some one had the balls to cover it. It's pretty damn good though. I think your guitar was slightly out of tune, it sounded like it to me. Very nice playing, and it was pretty clean as well. Great song by a great band.
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9/10 because your guitar sounded to high like it was in standard but overall great cover! How long have you been playing for?
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it's a half step down, didnt feel like screwing with they floyd to drop it down again so i made the backing track a half step down as well so it is slightly higher than the actual song, been playin for around 4 years
Not really into children of the bodom but this makes me wanna try some more music of em

Wish i could play like that tbh

very nice

Edit: what equipment do you use? Im still looking for a tone kinda like yours
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woah thats good

What needs improvement for a 10/10?
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meh, I'm not half as impressed as anyone else. I think the intro (critting as I listen) is pretty sloppy...meh playing tone

you play the riff after that good. hmm intro part back sounds still meh.

harmonized part: I like what you did.

lol this "backing track" is Tabit, no?

yeah work on the part about 3/5ths of the way in.

part after this is so not in tune with the backing track.

overrall, playing is ok. I think it's better than what a lot of people here do..but meh

7 or 8 outta 10 i suppose

get ready for my kissing the shadows or follow the reaper cover soon.
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well I won't be quite as harsh as the guy above me, but constructively criticizing it:
the intro was played pretty well, it does sound out of tune on your G or B string, I don't know the song but it's one of the higher strings.

I think you already know the sweeping needs more work as well as some of the appregios in it, but overall a great job, just keep practicing..
Like Metallica has said, "the day you think youre perfect is the day you stop getting better and start to fail" or something like that...

But nice covers, listened to the stricken cover too...solo in it had a few mistakes, mostly dead notes, but the rhythm was nearly dead on.
Ive never realy listened this band but it sounds good!! I thought you did a good job on it! All in all i give it a 9/10 only because I havent heard the original to compair it to.... yet

crit 4 crit please
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"the day you think youre perfect is the day you stop getting better and start to fail"

haha my dad said the exact same thing about my mom. Anyway, i dont like your tone, but otherwise its a pretty good cover. I give you an 8 out of 10. For trying, this is a tough song to cover.
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