...It was recorded a few days ago in a tiny HOT bedroom on a HOT HOT day with all us cramped in the room using a $800 16 bit recorder using a cheap electric drum kit and one amp cobbled with two guitars.

It was our first time ever jamming together and we just played whatever riffs and blah.blah... The other guitarist and I exchanged riffs, rhythms, and leads.

The tin sounding guitar is Chads, mine is the louder one.

Why do people like it so much? We did click well... but damn!!!

Maybe it's because this style of Heavy Metal has never been heard before???

Add us if you like it!!!!

i'm not sure... i dont like it very much (no offense)... it seems like too much distortion for a good sound
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i feel like an idiot, so plz don't flame me, but is hendrix still alive?

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I incorporate shred and tapping because i am a technical player, not a simple guitarist.

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i'm not sure... i dont like it very much (no offense)... it seems like too much distortion for a good sound

Yeah I noticed when we play it on cheap speakers it does distort. Through my 15" it has more solid sound....

But yeah, I agee. The mix was bad on it. We made some more material with a much better mix but it wasn't as wicked.

The drummer was really impressed with the off time bit we did in VwortWorm.... I think he called it pharinome. Dimbag was good at it
you should just put together a full song, instead of a random jam. Wasnt a fan of this one, didnt seem to go anywhere. Didnt like the tone, and to be honest, it wasnt very interesting.

You seem good enough at creating riffs, but theyre just so random and unfocused, that it becomes a bit boring.
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Thanks for all the adds people... we love accepting new friends on Myspace!

Gnome. Thanks! Chad played through a $20 Korg pedal he got from the pawn shop and in essence messed up my tone because we shared an amp. Our first jam session was just to see how we "click" and for a first time get together, it was amazing to say the least!

I only posted this stuff on myspace to have other people check it out and WOW! now we have UVTV, Rebel TV, and bunch of fans wanting us to do shows in their area. (Mostly goth women) and some people added our stuff on their page and my god have mercy, you bet your ass if people love it now, imagine what will happen when we actually do something.....

I'm so excited! (over 420 people added in 8 days!!!!)
Yeah, we get alot of weird off the wall emails. One girl said our music was sexy and turned her on...

We have online groupies
Ya gotta admit it's kick ass for a first time jam session...
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Ya gotta admit it's kick ass for a first time jam session...

You're pretty full of yourself? I just don't like it, sorry. Sometimes people just don't like certain genres of music. I don't like random riffs thrown together. I'm not saying I'm better, I doubt I am, I just don't like it.
"Full of yourself?"

It was the first time jam session EVER with these guys... I am proud, not full of myself.

I don't know if you ever played in a band or not, but it's not normal to just jump in with 3 strangers and rock out and have it turn out decent. That's my point.

And yes I am excited that we are getting so much attention on Myspace... that is awesome!!!

And to all the people who added us on their myspace friends list, we thank you !!!

You've been DEMONIZED!
it seemed neat, the 'tinny' guitar sounded a bit like a snare drum. bass would probably help it alot, too.
Thanks, Yeah... Chad's guitar did sound "tinny" but we worked out the kinks and got a much better sound using two amps and some EQ work.

His amp is a 1/2 stack Hughes & Kettner. And plays a Epi V with 11's
I have to agree with the rest, the riffs were poorly put together and the distortion made it hard to distinguish what was music and what was just noise. A lot of the riffs sounded like "dont tread on me" riffs by Metallica. I have heard better first time jam sessions and I have heard a lot worse. But that clip isn't worth bragging on in my opinion, maybe get a better setup, do more than one bar per riff and drop your cockiness a little bit, then ask everyone again. Not bad, but not that great either. Good luck with your shows and band though.
He'll struggle to ask again , he's banned.
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He'll struggle to ask again , he's banned.

You Sir, are a genius.

Mmmm, you guys are almost making me want to take it off myspace,,, but I don't want 448 angry mob fans calling for our heads... so we'll just leave it up and improve as we go.

The band was talking about doing crazy off the wall **** like this because it appears to be such a hit in the underground world... stuff nobody's heard before.

Who wants to be like everyone else? We're going to make our own trend !!!

Add us if you like us people!!!

You've been DEMONIZED!
Quote by Chazzy29
You Sir, are a genius.

Haha, like it.

I had actually wondered how'd you'd posted when it said that earlier, but I didn't bother to give it second thought and just assumed you'd posted before being banned or some crazyIdon'tknowwhat****.

Oh and PS: The music sounded okay, but I wasn't too keen, plus I'm not a fan of instrumentals.

PPS: I just actually read your space rather than just listened, and I see you do actually have a vocalist. Can't he play bass aswell as sing?
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drop your cockiness a little bit, .

You have to come off cocky when asking for crits otherwise people candy coat it. FuKK that, I want the truth and I want it straight!!! Don't side step the question.

I'm playing a little mind FuKK, appear full of myself and get the answers that I'm looking for...

Guess what.. it's working
hmm i guess you did take it down cuz its not up there...kinda wanna see what the fuss is about..
It must be your internet connection because it's working for me and our fans...
ok i got it to work, and i really didnt like it....so much reverb/chorus/whatever the hell you threw in there....not very melodic or anything..
Quote by Chazzy29
You have to come off cocky when asking for crits otherwise people candy coat it. FuKK that, I want the truth and I want it straight!!! Don't side step the question.

I'm playing a little mind FuKK, appear full of myself and get the answers that I'm looking for...

Guess what.. it's working

haha, yea....not in your favor though, I might add.
Quote by cccmtech
haha, yea....not in your favor though, I might add.

That's not entirely true. . . For every one bad crit here ratios to 25 compliments on myspace from eager fans. People adding from word of mouth through random hits on the page. We even have groupies... I wish we had T-shirts to sell, we'd be rich! IT's amazing!
yea, most there are a lot of people that like listening to distortion to the point of not hearing individual notes and such, I don't think there are many of those kind of people here. Most everyone here can play a guitar and takes a little bit more to impress us. If you're going to go with over distortion, you should at least add a bassline and lyrics to make it worthwhile for fans.
hell theres a band here called RizingXIII that everyone brags on, but every thing they play is out of key and offbeat, not in a good way. So I prefer criticism from people who can truly appreciate good music.

But whatever works for ya, hope your fans like your finished product, whenever you get that far.
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^ He has a point. How many of your screaming fan girls are musicians or understand anything about music?
Ahhhhl, but another point... screaming girl fans pay the bills so we don't have to work and hope for a practice session to actually improve our sound + buy better equipment.

I see your point that musicians have a better ear (which is why I said in the OP "I don't think we are all that great") but if the fans love it and are in demand, then why not?

(I think you'll all agree) As talented as Vai and ywgnie and Satrani, they are way underrated for their talent!

I'm not a fan of those Vai's and Statrani's.. but hey I respect them as a musician.

Rob Zombie, aside from his unique vocals, his band behind him do simple shiot. Same thing with Disturbed and Godsmack.

One fan callled us the Primus of Heavy Metal.

When people love you and are making request to see a show, you got to love that feeling and you got to please your fans... don't bite the hand that feeds you.

A wise man once told me, "If it aint broke, don't fix it"
yea, but most fans read "we were just goofing off" on all the songs and hope you can deliver when it comes showtime. You guys may have potential with some crowds, if so then I hope they don't get disappointed with the live show.
And quoting wise sayings to me is something I can come back all day long on..
wise man also says, "believe half of what you see and none of what you hear" It takes more than a few people per crowd to keep the shows pumping. One reason why out of the thousands and thousands of bands that play, only a very few make it, and out of those, even less stay around for more than a couple of years.
I'm not a great guitarist, but I don't think I'm bad. I can play a lot better than most of those guitarists on myspace, which isn't saying much in a lot of cases. But if you can build a large fanbase doing what youre doing, have at it, just don't think you'll see too many groupies from here. You really should invest more in equipment if you want to let people hear what you really sound like.
oh yea, and to follow up on the G3 group, vai, satriani and malmsteen, they are great guitarists, biggest thing that holds them back, just like Santana, is no real vocalist..
Actually we have two singer + I can sing. We are getting rid of one singer because the other guy is amazing . My vox sounds like Dave Mustaine from Megadeth. The other guy sounds more like Disturbed.

We are going to continue on without a bass player until we find someone above average. Bass is very important to us and will really power us up. Along with vox.

The drummer was playing thru an electric drum set, when he sets up his 16pc (I think) double bass tama set, he likes to do alot of tribal beats, like Nick Menza from megadeth or like Godsmack.

Our sound will be killer once we get more structure.
look forward to hearing your final product...

and remember bass is awesome, especially on chugs, was listening to your tone test thread and you may want to consider cutting back on the bass a little on the guitar tone, it makes it sound too jumbled.
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Maybe it's because this style of Heavy Metal has never been heard before???

Guns Up!