isnt it annoyin when your writing a song on guitar pro. it takes ya feckin AGES to do
an then after 132 bars it onli lasts 3:02mins...
ive got chorus, 2 verses and a bridge... anybody got an ideas how to lengthen it without it gettin over repetative?

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What's your complaint with a 3 minute song? Don't judge it by length, judge it by content. One of my favorite songs (I Want to Conquer the World by Bad Religion) is only 2:17 long.

Anyways, I don't know much about Guitar Pro but I'd probably add two choruses at the end to fade out. An example for you: For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield, four choruses (the song's also like 2:30).
Try slowing the tempo down a bit, maybe adding (lengthening) a solo...
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