I'm new at playing guitar and I was wondering if anyone knew any easy Beatles songs?
norwegian wood is a good one. Might be tough for a beginner not sure. Just some embellished chords and such.....they have some easier ones too, but this one is kinda cool, play whole song pretty much just with a few chords i guess...
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dear prudence is pretty simple and hello goodbye too
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You've got to hide your love away features like the first 4 chords you learn on guitar.
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I learned Rocky Racoon in 5 minutes. Good song, I played it for a talent show.
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blackbirds realy easy. err, mother natures son. but if you find them hard for some reason Rocky racoon for the win.
Yellow Submarine, yeah! Also In My life, beautiful song. Octopus's Garden helps build up your barre chord technique.
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I've been playing with Blackbird for a little while and I find it pretty difficult.. But Octopus's Garden was pretty easy. Thanks for the suggestions!
Here Comes the Sun is a great song for beginers. Pretty simple and it also sounds good when you play it right. I have also heard some cooler versions people have done of this song.
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You've got to hide your love away features like the first 4 chords you learn on guitar.

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Blackbird is good to learn, especially for fingerpicking. It might seem harder than it really is at first, but it's incredibly simple.
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love me do, you've got to hide your love away, hard days night, rocky raccoon, day tripper, hey jude, yellow submarine
songbird is proberlly the easiest of the bunch you dont even need to miss out anything although it is by John lennon i spose i could be classed as a beatles song.
Not a soul has said Daytripper. That was one of the first songs I remember learning. Guess I'm just a freak of nature then.
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You've got to hide your love away features like the first 4 chords you learn on guitar.

that, and yellow sub were the first two songs i learned on guitar.
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