im way too lazy to tab it out, but ill try to explain what i would do. basically i start off in b blues scale, and just noodle around, choosing notes as tastefully as i can to try to compliment the mood of the backing track, which is kind of solemn and serious, and then add notes from the dorian in b here in there, and then work my way through ideas in the a major mode(which puts the 2nd degree of the major mode(dorian) in b so it all fits) and just go slow and formulate ideas, throw in a fast lick or two and etc. the key i think is just going slow and thinking everything out. sorry if how i worked all the theory was wrong, but that way works for me.
Well, I don't mind doing a simple solo for it, but I'm not going to tab it out. That's
just too much work as I just make it up on the spot. I'd do my own backing track
for it too -- what's the progression? Probably wouldn't take me more than 15
minutes when I get a chance.

But, I honestly don't know how much that will help you. If you've learned some
solos to some songs and you know the scales, why don't you just record yourself
playing the progression and then use pieces from the solo along with the scales you
know to create your own? That's kind of the best way to go about it at first.