im totally new at this so please bear with me =D
i got vol/tone pots and toggle and humbuckers but i do not know how to solder them correctly. i looked at the stuff on seymour duncans site but my pickups and those are different and i also looked at http://www.guitarnuts.com/wiring/stockgibson.php. i looked at schematic tutorial but still confused so i took pictures of my parts and hope you guys can help me out ^^

for the humbuckers, the white wire is posite so the no colored one im guessing is neg/ground
i hope the pics would help you guys explain things to me and the tone pots are the ones with the green thing on the side o.o
Ahh, ignore the red, white, and bare wire coming from the pickup. you don't need those.

And with my diagram. Notice how the "wire" branches off to go to teh tone pot? That means just solder teh "hot" wire from the pickup to one of the soldering places on the potentiomener, and solder anotehr wire from that same "lug" to the volume potentiometer..

It just takes a bit of logic...
I think so. You really don't have to worry about swapping those around either. Aslong as one wire is the hot wire and 1 wire is teh ground wire. I am not sure, but I think the two pickups are too far away to affect eachother...