Where did you see it?

I assume it means a C chord, which is the 3rd chord of a scale progression or something.

Or a C chord in its 3rd inversion
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looking at the tab, i believe it means the 3rd inversion.
Been away, am back
ok what is it?... I think i know what it is but i want to be sure.
I believe ''Man On The Moon'' uses two different Cmaj chords.

  • [B]C (v1)[/B]


  • [B]C (v2)[/B]


The C (v2) is used only in the chorus, where as the C (v1) is used for the intro verse & pre-chorus.
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Triads don't have 3rd inversions.

And inversions are usually denoted by either 6 or:


I realised that after searchin google

But it has its original form C E G and then its two other inversions.

Im at a loss to what it means by C(III)
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