i bought some heavy strings and my bridge sits up at least an eighth of an inch, so my guitar is going out of tune pretty easily (even though i don't use the tremolo). i read somewhere that tightening the coils may help, and i was also told by a friend that uses heavy guage strings will help build finger dexterity and strength, so i don't know if just stepping down to a lighter guage string will be a worthwhile problem solver.

is it worth it to just step down to lighter guage strings, and if heavier guage actually has a positive influence on my playing ability how difficult is it to tighten the coils myself? a guitar store guy called it a 'difficult balancing act,' so is there any tried and true method to doing this? thanks.
I don't know of any methods, but my Ernie Ball 12's sure are a pain in the ass to bend. It is definitely a lot stiffer, so it would build finger muscle quicker, but it's almost too much. I think you should just stick with 10's or 9's.
that's what i'm thinking. there are other ways to strengthen my fingers, and maybe playing with heavier guage strings is hampering my ability to better learn techniques, or something. thanks for the input.
What do you mean by coils? The springs in the tremolo cavity?

If so, it won't change the feel of the guitar, as long as you don't put the bridge flush against the body. It will lower the bridge a bit, and it will stay slightly better in tune.

With 12s I use four springs; with 13s five; so I always have the same +/- 3mm gap at the back of the bridge.
If you don't use the trem you could block it off in the cavity with a piece of wood...otherwise the two main adjustments are either adding or removing springs or adjusting the screws holding the spring anchor to the body.
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