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I am thinking of getting a jackson warrior, my budget is around USD$300. I want one that has a reliable trem system that I can wack crazily.

Summary: I want a good one that has good trem which I might consider carrying to pro status.
Well I play mainly metal metal metal metal)

(otherwise I will just save up more and wait for 6 months to get the IC400)

How do they both compare?
For $300, good luck getting a stable Floyd.

Save up for the '06 version of the Warrior. More stable Floyd, and it has active EMGs.


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Yep $300. Just save up another 1700 and you can get a warrior with a reliable trem.
or save up another 450 and get a ibanez rg1570

edit: wait who gives two ****s cos the trem is a direct swap for an ofr so save up another 300 or so and buy the ofr along with the jackson