i was really surprised to see no threads about Himsa. theyre a great band from the seattle scene. http://www.purevolume.com/himsa . listen to Rain to the Sound of Panic. true greatness.
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that may be the most ridiculous thing ive ever read (next to the bible, of course)
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Himsa totally rule.

There's a great YouTube of the singer decking some guy at show.
It's hilarious because the singer runs offstage to beat someone up and the band keeps playing the song
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not on their pure volume site
Kido is the name and i like to rhyme
I'll have you ladies playin with your panty line

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that may be the most ridiculous thing ive ever read (next to the bible, of course)
i love himsa.

i met pettibone and chad a couple years back, they were cool dudes.
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They are amazing. I love how well they make their riffs and fills flow together. I also got great advise via email from their guitarists not too long ago.
Not really a fan of them, saw them a while back when they played with Darkest Hour.
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um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
i love himsa. theyre great

and i also saw the video where the singer goes in the crowd and kicks another guys ass and the band continues to play
New CD is awesome
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Yeah the vid Silent is talkin bout is awesome. I met them last year, really down to earth cool guys. I just downloaded the new cd, but i'm not sure if im gonna listen to it. It might spoil it for when i buy it. i dunno. But i have loved these guys Forever!
only seatle band i like is champion
himsa arent bad tho=/
Any straight-edge punk is a friend of mine
I saw them with Parkway Drive and Becoming the Archetype last summer, amazing show and really chill down to earth guys

i'm dling the new CD as we speak
Summon In Thunder is a kick ass cd! They have definitely improved on the vocals and all the instruments as a whole. My favorite tracks are Summon In Thunder, Ruin Them, Unleash Carnage, Given it to the Taking, and Big Timber. Some of the solo's on a few of the songs actually sound really good, and unique. I've never been a big fan of Himsa, but they are always a good listen and I believe they are even more talented than they let on. The vocals haven't changed that drastically, but they aren't as near as one dimensional as shown on the previous records. People who don't normally listen to hardcore, I believe could still appreciate this album as just being a kickass metal cd. 8/10 in my opinion.
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Yeah I dig them. Kinda remind me of Unearth on some of the new stuff, but that's not necessarily a band thing.
never say that....Himsa is amazing...Unearth is not. My personal opinion. ha.

but i listened to Summon, don't like it. ALL of their earlier stuff from S/T and on is better.
I actually kinda liked the vocals on Courting Tragedy And Disaster better than their new stuff... But I've only heard one song, Big Timber. I was surprised at the lack of a solo, I realize they didn't solo on every song on their earlier albums, but if I could tap like they do, I certainly would.
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