ok, my mom said someday she would bring me to the miramichi to look at some Jackson guitars...and i have one in mind that i want

LINKY: http://www.jacksonguitars.com/products/search.php?partno=2911005576

does anyone know how much that guitar costs?...Pros and Cons of it?...as far as i know it has a maple neck/fretboard...alder body with flam maple veneer...seymour duncan pickups...and a Jack Low Profile Double Locking Trem

how much is it?...good for metal/shredding?
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The Trem is going to suck... Other than that, thats a damn nice guitar...

You could always put an OFR in it...

But if your a noob at guitar, why you wanna upgrade so bad... Learn it first. And why so concerned about shredding lol? Shredding takes time and practice....
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It is definitely a great shredding guitar, but it might be a little much. Its between $730-$1056 canadian. On the bright side, its cheaper than the Ibanez you want.
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I wish my mum would buy me a new guitar...
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it'd be great but can you even play? judging by some things you've said I'm not sure...
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yeah i can play...hahaha...but i am a slow learner...and i know that learning to shred on a fat necked Sg isnt going to help me...and the onl reason the things i say suck is because most the time i have no idea what im talking about when i try to explain things...and mym mom isnt buying me this guitar...she wouldnt spend more than 100 bucks on a guitar for me...but she would drive me there to lookat them...andi say im a n00b, but when i mean n00b i mean just...getting better but still learning ****, everyone is still a n00b, Vai, Satch, Gilbert, The Steen...because gutiar is never ending, and one can never completly learn EVERYTHING about guitar...i k now the basics...i know what i want to know...andi feel its time to upgrade to a new guitar, plus my sg is getting warn out from being my only guitar

eDIt: and what have i said that makes you guys think im such a n00b to guitar and am just starting out?
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Avoid the '05 model. The '06 model has a more reliable trem and real SDs rather than the "Duncan Designed" ones.
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well you were thinking that ibanez might be too good for you..

meh, whatever

I want that Jackson...
I'm not racist.

I hate everyone the same.

im not really sure why i said the ibanez was too good for me...cause it sure didnt play like it was too good...and i guess it was just because of all the praise ibanez's get around here...i think im just going to stick with the austin and slap some stacked humbuckers in it...then ill be a happy camper
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brad you smell like my hairy left nut