I heard that the if your pickups were too high, it could effect your sustain. First of all, is this true, and second, if it is, what should be the measurement (perferrably in inches) between the pickups and the strings? Thanks
Its all what you prefer, the higher it is the more trebly/better it is for pinch's and it pick ups more. If its lower it gives it a deeper sound IMO.
I have an S/S/H Ibanez... and I have my Neck single-coil as close to the strings as it can get without buzz, the middle single-coil as low as it can be and still have output, and the HB at a middle height. The height doesnt mess with sustain, just with output and tone.
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In theory, I guess it could mess up your substain. the pickups pull on the strings keeping them from vibrating as much but in practice I've never experienced such effects (maybe they were too small). Every pickup has a sweetspot where the sound is just right (a relative term), not too muddy or too thin amd just the right output, it's just a matter of finding it. And it's really not hard to lower/raise them. Good luck.
I depends a lot on the pickups in question, but also the guitar. Especially strats are very sensitive to pickup height.