I know that I probably do not need a half stack but I have always wanted one so I am going for it. After reading all the great info on this site I think all tube (valve) is the way to go. It is only for me playing in my garage, I do not gig (yet) and I have gotten my wife to agree to make that "my space" as my little studio. I am a beginner but love to play 80's style metal. I am trying to keep it around $1000. Is this possible for a head and cab? Also would prefer something that guitar center carries as I have a 20% off coupon from them. Hey this could save me a couple hundred bucks so I think it is worth it. Seems like any cabs would need to have Celestions as most people here think they are the best. Eddie Van Halen is my favorite guitarist so I was thinking about the Peavey 6505 head with a cab that has 4x12 celestions. I appreciate your input but please be kind as I am a beginner.

You may be better off going used unless you want to buy a combo. You won't be finding Peavey 6505's at guitar center because they don't carry Peavey's. I think that that amp would be good for you if you are going to be playing his type of music. Maybe check eBay. You could get a Peavey 5150 or 6505(same thing) combo for about $500 or $600. I know this is not a stack, but this is going to be loud as hell and you could always get a 212 extension cab. I am afraid that if you buy a stack, you aren't going to be putting it past 2 for practicing. I know that I just prefer a stack. I always wanted one just like you do. I have one and don't put it past 1 while practicing at my house. For band practice, it is still only at 6 and that is ear ringing loud. You could also maybe find a 5150 stack on eBay for about that price. I actually think I saw one earlier today. Check craigslist.org for them too. You could find one locally.

Also for that price you could check out the B-52 amp I have. They carry those at guitar center. The amp is $700 and you could get a more expensive cab because of the coupon. Try it out at the store. It is said to be "the poor mans recto" considering that rectos are $1500+. They also make this amp in a 212 combo.
Anyways, that certificate is useless, it won't work on any good brands. It excludes mesas, monster, mogami, and almost everything else is eihter crap or not marked "lowest price"

If I were you, I'd just look for a peavey 6505 online or osmething.
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Stay away from the Marshall Mg series .I bought one at guitar center and traded the head back for a create Blue voodoo 120 watts.Which is a tube amp.The mg isn`t

Wow, that was irrelevant.

Try the Peavey you're looking at, see if you like it, a combo may fit into your price range a bit better though.
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Well if you like the tone of the amp, go for it man.
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i'd get a 6505 head $900 and then find a temporary cab at a pawn shop,just until you can afford a good cab $600
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i'd get a 6505 head $900 and then find a temporary cab at a pawn shop,just until you can afford a good cab $600

Where can I get a 6505 head for $900. I thought they were like $1500
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Where can I get a 6505 head for $900. I thought they were like $1500

i just got mine from sam ash brand new $930.00, you can almost get the complete half stack for $1500.00
Ebay 1
Ebay 2
Ebay 3

There's three auctions for 6505/5150 Heads. (5150 is the same thing as a 6505 just in case you didn't know)

More might pop up later if you don't feel like spending that much.