If I were to go down a gauge, would this mean the neck relief would change? As in, if I went from 11s to 10s or even 9s, the neck would bend away from the guitar? I know almost nothing about truss rods but I assume the rod is angled in a way to bend the neck away as to compensate for the string tension.. I'm thinking the action will change a little with a lesser gauge.
yeah, u would probbaly have to adjust the truss rod, i recommend going to a guitar store, haeving them put on the new stricgs, adn fix teh truss rod i you dotn understnd how it wokrs urself.
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Quote by deadmansdiary
the action should raise slightly but probally not enough to notice

Raise? With less tension because of the lesser gauge?
When you move from higher to lower guage strings, there is less tension from
the strings. It's the tension in the strings that puts "bow" or relief on the neck.
The truss rod counteracts that. Your trussrod will be set to counteract more
tension, so you will now have less bow in the neck. It will be straighter.

Going from 11s to 10s you probably won't need to do a thing. But if you do notice
a bit more buzzing and possibly fretting out on some areas, you'll want to loosen
the rod a bit to get a little bit of relief back. Probably about 1/4 turn would do it.
my acoustic is bent forward so i can't play past 10th fret or it buzzes on the fretts higher up