OK... I've figured it out. I'm a pretty decent guitarist... every song that has been suggested to me, I've seriously got it down to a T within 4-5 hours. But my only problem is, I'm not incredibly fast. I mean, the songs are learn are fast, yes, but I can't run through scales or make **** up and do it at the same pace... how can I improve? Please don't just comment and say practice scales. I can do them with my eyes closed, paralyzed, whatever... and kinda fast to. But I'm like stuck. I've practiced them for WEEKS and still I can't frickin run through them incredibly fast like alot of people... and I don't seem to get any faster then I'm going. Can someone give me some good advice. And if its the same crap everyone likes to reply to these kind of questions, at least be more in depth. I'm not like, slow with other songs... I can play all of most of Avenged7x's songs just as fast as Syn does.. but I can't run scales fast... wtf
metronome, all i gotta say, ppl need to use it always
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I love how everyone comes in my damn thread and decides to talk about everything other then what it's related to. Ya I can sweep pick. I can like hammer on through any scale fast as hell. But I wanna be able to like, alternate pick through it all. And metranome doesnt really help because I'm stuck at one speed. LoL, and I've been stuck there for a long ass time. I mean really... It just won't increase...
Well alternate Picking just came to me one day it juist al clicked into place the best thing i think is try not to worry about it to much just do what you do best and it will all come together. In The End.

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Okay dude, im sorry but you really need to practice more. A couple of weeks wont do it. Practice really slow and look for your tension, because if your meeting a block your probably tense, but if your not tense then just keep practicing and youll eventually get faster. Theres not an easy way out of it you just gotta keep practicing. Maybe take up economy picking, thats supposed to be faster than alternate.
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You will not improve as fast if all you're doing is working on songs.

What you need is to really focus on your technique. There's clearly something
very wrong with it. Until you figure out what it is and correct it, your speed will
always be limited.

Practicing to be able to play fast is a bit unintuitive. You can't just practice by
trying tio pick fast. You'll never get there. What you really need to focus on is
learning to pick WELL. That generally means you're totally relaxed, completely
focused, aren't making any excessive movements, and know where the tip of your
pick is at all times.

When you're really picking WELL and slowly, you can start increasing the speed
gradually. Most people have the problem of boredom with that. Their attention
wanders. They get impatient. When that happens you're getting very little out of
the practice. Pay attention and concentrate on having total control. The speed will
come if you can do that.