So, out of boredom, I've started to learn Tainted Love. Problem is, the progression that repeats for the entire song (G G Bb Bb Eb Eb Bb C) is A, incredibly boring to play for the whole song, and B, confusing me. The reason its confusing me is because those chords are found in both the key of Ab and Eb, so I have no idea which key to use. Also, even if I did figure out which key it is in (I'm leaning towards Eb), I have no idea which scale to use for it. The blues scale and minor pentatonic sound ok, but they aren't what I'm going for, which is a darker kind of feel. So, does anyone have any suggestions on which scale to use and in what key? Any help would be appreciated.
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At first glance it looks to be in the key of Bb. But I'm hungover, so I don't know how much help that is

Try the G Aeolian mode over the chords, perhaps.
does it sound major or minor to you? if it sounds happy then its probably Ab. if not, Eb.

also, pay attention to if they seem to use one chord more predominantly than any other. chances are that's your root.
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If they're all major, those chords are not all found in one scale. You'll just have to approach your soloing in a chord by chord method. Use one scale for G, another scale for Bb, another scale for Eb...

If you want a dark major scale, try phrygian dominant.