Hey You
Can you hear me after all this time
I think your a bitch and im glad your gone
I wont wake up to see the break of dawn
I still cant believe your gone

Hey You
Cant believe im still thinking of you
You ate my heart and swallowed it with my pride
it was a long hard ride but its probaly for the best
Even though you were better than the rest

Hey You
Im so exhausted from all the heartache
Hard to bare so hard to take
After all these years it was nothing but fake

Hey You
Maybe you still think of me
After all these years it wasnt worth the tears
All your promises and lies were just too hard to hide
After three good years Isee them in the backseat of my car
Thats why tonight Im hitting the bar

Hey You
You said it would last forever and ever
But forever came today
What more do we have to say but goodbye
oh hey you goodbye

This song is wrote by me and my friend in like 10 minutes