I need to buy a new acoustic this month and i have come accross a few of them.....

Ibanez V70CE acoutic-electric guitar (199$).....................(ok)
ibanez TCY10 TALMAN acoustic-electric guitar (199$)
Epiphone AJ-100CE acoustic electric guitar (149$)

Ibanez AEL10E acoutic electric guitar with onboard tuner(299$)..................(nice)
takamine GS330S acoustic electric guitar(299$)..................(liked this one so far)
ibanez PF5ECE performance series acoustic electrc cutaway guitar. (299$)

please advice on which guitar is the better one. i usually play metallica or some alternate rock.......been 6 months since i started playing. please help me.
thanx in advance.
out of the guitars you listed, i would highly reccomend that gs330s over the others. check out that thread linked above for more ideas in your price range.
SD, what's up with your name? It's been changed from Silent Deftone to Casmine Fluffer and now its SD! I don't understand! Anyway, my teacher has a Takamine, it's a nice guitar. I'd go with that.
Takamine acoustics blow away everything in their price ranges. My friend's got a $800 Taylor Dreadnaught (sorry don't know the model number) and my EG531 absolutely blows it away unplugged and unlike him, I can actually plug into an amp.
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I'm with Jimtaka on this one. From your list the GS330 is your best option. Takamine guitars are usualy a good value for the price paid. They don't usualy look like much but for a modest price you can get a solid top guitar that will sound better and better the more you play it. Ibanez guitars usualy look really nice but that is just because they laminate very nice looking veneers over poorly build guitars. The fact that they laminate the tops of there mid and low end guitars is enough for me to say stay away from ibanez acoustics all together.
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