I know everyone is sick of those threads that ask "what's better" or "What should I buy". This thread is different, thank god.

Both the SR500 and the SR900 are what i (and others) consider to be decent instruments. But what are the main differences? From what i can tell, the 900 isn't necessisarily a higher end instrument then the 500, yes it's a little more expensive and i know that both Basses are from the same line, but do each of these instruments have advantages and disadvantages? Are they each suited better to different genres? I've played both a little, but it was like 6 months apart and i only played for like 5-10 minutes.

PS: this thread isn't necessarily an objective one, i just thought it was an interesting to point to discuss.

Thank you....
900 is neck thru ( i think )
i know its string thru
its also curved

thats all iirc. i bought a 506, happy with it dont think they make 906 anyway lol.
The 500 features a Wenge/Bubinga 5 pc bolt on neck.
The 900 features a Maple/Bubinga 5 pc neck-thru neck.

The 500 features a mahogany body
The 900 features a maple body wings

Both have rosewood fingerboards with 24 medium frets.
Both have the Accu-Cast B20 bridge
Both have Bartolini MK-1 pickups and a Bartolini MK-1 preamp
Both have Abalone Oval inlays

The 500 has the input jack recessed into the front of the body
The 900 has it on the side