My friend who I havn't seen in a long time just showed me a guitar he's had for years. It's a Fender but it has a Floyd Rose. I have no pics cause I was only round for a short time but does anyone know of a Fender having a Floyd? He might sell it so just wondered what it might be and how much it's worth.

Sorry that there's not much to go on.

Edit: It's a strat shape.
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yep some fenders now have floyd roses also many japanese fender strats had floyd roses on them
i dont own one ive tried them and they cost around 2000aud for a dellinger and more for the horus model
A Floyd Rose Fat Strat?
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EDIT: Does anyone know if that is a Licensed or Original or what?
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on strats you can get them with floyd roses for an etra 100-200 bucks and its the original not the liscenced. i was gunna get one but i wanted it to look like a classic strat not a metal one
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^Wow, how come I wasn't informed? How do I get that option? Do I have to contact Fender or something?

no, they should sell them at any music store if they dont ask them to order it in