Hmmm, I'm not too sure on this, vocals aren't amazing, and I'm having second thoughts about the acoustic intro; but then I always find my own music as not being that good, so yeah; I might just be right or I might just be being overly self critical. That's where you guys come in , I'll crit for crit; all feedback is welcome, be it compliment, constructive or just plain "This is bull" - I really don't mind, though obviously I'd prefer if you said what you didn't like about it .

It's just the intro, first verse and chorus.

http://www.jboynton.dmusic.com - like I said it's just a sample, so your ears won't bleed for too long .
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The link redirects me to dMusic's main page...perhaps you misspelled it?
I'd really like to listen to this!
Erm, that's odd. One second.

And don't get too excited, it doesn't quite compare to any of yours , lol.

Erm this is strange, it seems this is the link: http://jboynton.dmusic.net/

But it doesn't have my music on; I'll go upload to Purevolume.

Uploading now; www.purevolume.com/jboynton
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Ooh, got it.
See, you make a personal account, and you make a band. You join that band account, and upload music to it, not the personal. Really confusing.
Listening now.
Edit: Shiiiiit...
Quote by What I get when I click on the download link
File does not exist.
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Ah I see, cheers for pointing that out. It's on PV now, so you can just go there, lol. I'll try sort out the DMusic thing.

Ah well; screw DMusic (Can't get it working).

And I just realised that the bass is quite hard to hear, so erm, sorry about that.
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K, I think the vocals were...kinda bad. Guitar was pretty good, sounded a little out of tune, but you've got some catchy rhythms going on there.
Keep it up!
Is kinda bad a polite phrase for awful? Lol. And can you go more into what was wrong with them?

About the guitar being out of tune, it might well be, however it might be something to do with this (It will probably sound ridiculous):

When I actually made that little riff I was using my neck and center pickups, but I find that sounds kinda bad when recording; so I changed it to just center, but when I did that it seemed to sound a bit odd when I played it, but I just assumed I was hearing it funny or something, probably just out of tune >.<. And thanks for the compliment.
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That's strange - you might want to get your intonation checked. Also, make sure your strings aren't too low/pickups too high, because you might be getting problems with magnetic pull.
As for the vocals, I'm no vocalist, so I can't really tell you much - they were just out of tune generally speaking. Hell, I sound like **** anyway, I shouldn't be commenting on this.
Meh, it's only a n00bling strat copy, I want to get something new as soon as I can anyway, but I need money for that, lol.

And dude your vocals don't sound that bad, they're a just a bit "mellow" I think was the word used, other than that I like them.

But yeah, my singing sucks >.<
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I've taken it down now, I'll re-do vocals and post again tomorrow .
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