A post or two back I posted a cover of "Another Brick in the Wall" and I referred to the fact that this is the "summer of George" or more aptly the summer of Floyd. I have always loved Floyd and find I can get some extremely authentic tones using my GNX3000. So I figured ....why not cover some Floyd songs to highlight the GNX3000' capabilities.

I wanted to attempt this one before moving onto posting covers of other bands.


I am still blending the final mix. That is a very long process so I wanted to take a step back and post what I have and see what you guys think of it. Also if I spend any more time glued to my computer with Headphones on then I think my wife is gonna go ape****

I did Vox and Guitars using my lovely GNX3000 a mentioned above.

Any pointers etc would help a lot as I continue to mix and get this ready. I put it on my ipod and it plays back ok. I burnt it to CD and played it in my car and it sounds like it may need some polish and mixing. However I have a cheap ford focus and the CD player in it ain't great. So therefore maybe what I am hearing through my ipod may be a better reflection of how the mix is.

Anyways as always I look forward to hearing from you all. This has been an extremely valuable learning forum for me as I am very new to recording.

Doesn't sound too bad. I can't think of any particular points to throw towards you.
Thx for listening Shadow... Pastor of Muppets

Back to the mixing for me....have a great Sunday m8
I think i can definitely kill the reverb a touch.

I went back and forth on the final solo, mixed down it loses a bit in the mix. I am liking it like this because, it gives it that grainy on the edge of breakup aggression tone. Also I was trying to catch Gilmour's live rendition feel. So I think I may not mess with volume of final solo any more.

Also I use Garageband for recording and mixdown so I cannot tweak every parameter & it ain't great for doing final mixing

Hint Hint...So If anyone wants to take the mp3 I posted and mix it for me in their more expensive software then please do and email the resulting mp3 file to
mstow@mac.com - Help a brother out

Hint Hint :rolleye: :rolleye:
The mix sounds great! Id probably go back and work on the vocals a bit, phrasing and what have ya. But other than that great job Lead sounds good and the rest of the mix as I have said sounds great!!!
Please Crit for Crit.
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That sounded very similar to the real thing. the only thing is the vocals, but its hard to sound like david gilmour. good job.

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Yea man that was really well done
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great job, if you want it perfect, put the echo on the vocals. it'll sound 100%.
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