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ok. Im pretty sure this hasnt been done before, If so i'll delete it.

Post all your pics/ vids of YOUR gigs or a friends gig if you have their permission
yeah, it was run by FreezA, a youth organization here in Australia. The signs didn't do much, people went right ahead and moshed and crowd surfed and none of the security did anything to stop it. Just goes to show you can't stop rock and roll.
Feedback11, you definately need to fire your singer. That **** was TERRIBLE, especially for being together for over a year.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
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Hey that tape on the drums "fatal exit" is pretty damn cool. The singers good, but either tell him to mosh better, or get a mic stand. I think mic stands rock! no only joking lol

^ First gig with proper lighting and smoke machine. And that kid facing the stage is emo.

^ Getting ready to play at a different gig.

Sorry bout the blurryness of the pics. Ill post a few more once imageshack is working for me.
I give CAPITAL VOLUME: LIVE lol here are some of the better shots of our gig's. I'm the skinny kid with the long black hair n red guitar.

That would be me...

Lead and Rhythm guitarist

Ex-singer and me

From March, Live @ HaVoK

From May, Live @ Walter's

2006 AND 2007 Ultimate Guitar Best Vocalist

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Aidy Damage whcih guy are you ??? and you play emo stuff or rammstein stuff?

I'm the guy with the blue RG, Rammstein T-Shirt and eye shadow... we sound a little like muse/inme.
I like your make up in that picture...and I'm not being sarcastic, did you do it yourself or did you have someone e3lse do it?

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I'm the guy with the blue RG, Rammstein T-Shirt and eye shadow... we sound a little like muse/inme.

cool lov the guitar i was goin to get pretty much the same maybe diff model but then i saw and explorer style that i might get instead anyway loving the eyeshadow
Midnight, about a year ago. me on the right.
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YDPBC > awesome.

Why Thank You.
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I like the way you hid the bassist

We didn't hide her, the monitor did!
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pretty cool which one is you?

you talking bout mine??

im that fat dude with the guitar on the far right. :p
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dude like every song has disortion

and its called distorting
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From March, Live @ HaVoK

From May, Live @ Walter's

Nice, what tuning do you guys use? (Myspace )
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I'm sorry but Spynal, you have the worst haircut ever.

did you know the major scale on a piano, starting at whatever note (lets say E). you just go straight up the white keys without hitting a black one. and you got the major scale.

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I'm sorry but Spynal, you have the worst haircut ever.

But even though I don't like the look of those Ikon broots, your V does look very nice. And yes your haircut does do I say...bad? Honestly doesn't make a shït's difference to me though.
My new band hasn't started playing yet but these are some shots of me with my last band. I'm the guitarist.
well those shots are from several different shows...the first ones with the PRS was probably around 100 people, the one where i'm in the outdoor tent was maybe 50 and the last one (the jump) was at a college with at least 80. i don't really know though, those are just estimates. the biggest we ever played was like 250 or 300 i think
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