i bought a new amp a couple of months ago, the Marshall AVT100.m I'm very happy with the tone and everything, but recently i have become picky with distortion, and i ve found that i need atleast 3 diferent distortions so i dug out my old DS-1 to give me that 3rd. I plugged it in, rigged up the power supply started playingclean, hit the pedal and the sound was awful! it was way too trebly, no matter where i set the tone dial. So i decided to put it in the effects loop. The right sound comes through then, well atleast i think it does, its hard to tel because even with effects loop mix to full, the distortion has very little or no effect.

So in short, Help! please.

Thanks all
Hmm, keep it in the effects loop if it sounds best there, but turn the volume of the pedal up.
Or you could adjust your EQ settings of your amp to make it work (are you running the DS-1 thru the clean channel?)

(On a side note)I ran my Boss Blues Driver through a Marshall AVT once, I almost died, urgh.
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It's the amp EQ settings, when you just whack the pedal in a chain (guitar->DS-1->amp) it still goes through the EQing on the amp, which probably means you use a rather bright clean sound. Either that or you've become used to the distortion on your AVT and the DS-1 aint delivering that sort of quality, which it won't. The DS-1 is great as a booster of already distorted sounds but on it's own aint tooooo fantastic.
i have the bright switch on (may be the problem but is great for the undistorted cleans) treble-4 mid-7.5 bass-6 and presence at 7.5. I think the sound may be a bit too bright for the pedal. Any other suggestions?
^Can you get a footswitch to switch bright on/off?
Try the DS-1 with bright off, see what happens, my Blues Driver used to sound horrible with the bright switch on on my old amp.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
even with bright off it sounds awful. I've tried everything now, effects loop, different EQ's, no bright switch. I got an OK sound out of it a little earlier, but still nothing i would take with me to a gig. I think as someone said above, it just doesnt seem to be able to deliver the same quality of distortion as the amp can. Can anyone out therewith an AVT tel me if they have the same problem?