Ok so i went to get my guitars taken in to get buzzing fixed new strings and a new pickguard put on. The guy at the store said itd be between $60-75. That seems like such a ripoff to me. I

Replacing the pickguard is gonna cost $20!!

Could i put the pickguard on myself (just take off strings, unscrew old pickguard, and replace with new pickguard)? Are the pickups wired around it or anything tricky that i couldn't do myself?
thats a rip off replacing pickguard is easy just gotta gett all the pots and pickups off the old one and put them on the new one
Does $20 include the price of the pickguard?
But yeah its easy as to put it on yourself but you just have to make sure that it is the right shape and all the wholes match up. What type of guitar is it?
That's a huge rip off, not much work needs to be done to fix buzzing and screwing a few screws, do it yourself (the pickguard part)
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remember you're paying for parts AND labour when you take it in to the tech. Your strings and pickguard probably cost no more than 30 bucks, but you'll be paying mostly for the labour on the setup. To remove buzzing from the guitar, he needs to adjust the intonation, the bridge, etc...

sounds like an average price to me, but if you want to make it cheaper, install the pickguard yourself. there's no trick to swapping out pickguards; you literally just take the old one off, and screw the new one on.
Its so easy to do it yourself!!

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pickguards are easy to put on and they dont cost that much. The guys at my music store fix the buzzing for free.
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to correct the buzzing the guitar requires to be set up, so it would cost that much to get it done professionaly
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well i already bought the pickguard so its not included.

What do i have to do to change the pickguard (from the beggining)?

i assume its more than unscrewing and rescrewing...