I have been looking for a new guitar with a good classic rock sound for some time now and i've finally narrowed it down to 7 guitars.

Epi LP Standard
Epi LP Custom
Gibson Faded SG Special
Epi Firebird Studio
Epi LP Ultra
Epi LP Standard Plain Top
Dean Hardtail Select

If u could give me your top three out these 7, i'd be really grateful. I am also free to any other suggestions to add to the 7. My price point: $800.
My Gear:

Epi Les Paul Standard
Fender 48th Street Strat
Vox Valvetronix AD50VT
Martin Koa Acoustic
Some crappy unnamed bass
Have you played all those 7 guitars? If not, do.
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yeah, make sure you get a chance to play each one before you buy. That is a lot of money to invest only to get it home to find out you don't like it. But of those seven, the SG would be my choice. Angus Young just can't be wrong!!!
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dean hardtail. dimebag cant go wrong.

but he plays MLs and plays metal so id go with the SG.
well i think that the lp is the best.. im playin a strat and an lp and its a perfect team!
any of those epi les pauls should do. i own an epi lp standard, and it's fantastic. just make sure that you thoroughly inspect it before you buy it. most guitars that are made in korea are just fine, but it never hurts to check for duds.

one thing i would recommend once you save up a bit more money... get good pickups. i just bough '57 reissues for my paul, and they sounds SO good. it's usually about 300 bucks all in to upgrade your pups, and it makes the guitar sound like it cost 2500 bucks.