i think i understand what your trying to do with the vocals here, but they dont work dude...
if you dont wanna actualy sing them then i suggest adding more effects to the vocals, like a delay or a chorus or something. try adding wah to vocals too, sometimes it can sound pretty cool. the vocals as they are just sound way to bland and dont fit in with the more crazy instrumental sounds in the piece.
if you want to sing them then i suggest trying to go for a more dark, demonic tone. also, an iron maiden type vocal might work too but not many people can sing that way.

if your in the mood for critiquing heres mine:http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=380262
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^ Ooo, Iron Maiden type vocals - sounds good =)

Sadly I wouldn't be able to pull them off without sounding constipated
The music is preety good , though the vocals just dont fit , I dont exactly understood what were you trying to do there but it sounded preety decent , i liked the part when 2 voices came in in some point . the beat was preety good.
TO sum up , the music is preety good just try changing the vocals somehow .
thanks for critting me.
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actually i kind of liked the vocals, they were unique and gave you your own sound.. layering guitar work was pretty cool too. i think there was a point when one of the guitars was a little off time but other than that good stuff, original!

could you crit mine?
Well I don't like such kind of music.....but I really liked it. The intro was cool. I like feedbacks...that kicks ass. The second guitar is cool but (sorry!) I don't like the vocals. The drum track was a little bit to quiet. On the whole it's a good song. Good job.


Is there anybody who wanna crit my music?
Or do you hate it?