Here's a punk anthem with the excitingly original message of nonconformity! =D

I'm mainly interested in what you think about the (crap) vocals.


It's labeled Follow or Fall (new)

Crit for crit, baby!
Hmmm. Try singing and not talking. Still maybe stick to guitar and not singing
^ Yeah, I've tried endlessly to get someone to sing for me, but to no avail
The vocals would be good if you just went with the talking sound but there are bits where it seems like your trying to sing but dont really dare, so i dunno make like a choice because like in parklife and stuff talking works well for songs like this (i know parklife isnt like this :p) then again like I said it seems like you dont really dare to sing properly, try just throwing yourself into it and singing loud and seeing what happens, cos punk isnt about mumbling cos your shy, if you put enough balls into it it will sound wicked im sure.

Guitar and stuff is wicked so ive not really got much to say on it, top stuff *thumbs up*

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"The Pick of Destiny"