alright, I record with a cable from my amp, to the microphone slot in my computer. It usually only records what comes out of my amp but for some reason, now its recording whatever the computer plays. whether it be a song from winamp, or the backtrack on my recording program.

what happend, and how can i change it back?
could be that u have connected one wire from the line out of your soundcard to the Line-in of your soundcard?

when recording the amp, are all other computer sounds (winamp etc) also recorded with the guitar???
i noticed that everything coming out of the speakers is recorded. not like a microphone but i guess anything thats supposed to come out of the speakers is recorded instead of the guitar. when i plug the cable into the Line Out jack, i can record the guitar, but everything else going on in the computer is recorded too. i cant record the guitar at all when i plug it into the microphone jack
check the settings in your audio control and in your recording program. i know audacity has an option to record stereo out, so if that is selected it will record whatever your speakers are playing. just run through the prefrences and see if anything wrong is selected.