Mics! i ned a decent mic and im willing to spend £50-£100 on it. Mostly i need as somethign to record voices but it would be good if it was good for puting it next to an amp and actually sound ok... any suggestions?
Sure SM58 for vocals, SM57 for amps, but I'm sure each one will do both (just one will do one a bit better than the other and so on)
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dude sennheiser is thats how you spell it. sennheiser e835 has more clarity less feedback and the shure hasnt changed in years.

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SM57 is the way to go. It's the "do it all" mic.

I bought one a few years ago when they were only $70 new and im kicking myself in the ass for getting rid of it. (I sold off all of my recording equipment like a moron)

SM57 will be the mic I buy when my band gets going.