which is better quality the esp ec500 or the hellraiser from schecter, and which plays better, they are both in the same price range
They are basically the same except for the pickups, I geuss your down to purchasing on looks then, in which case, hellraiser.
Hellraiser with EMGS

!!!feel the funk blast!!!

Both guitars are good, but I have more experience with the Hellraiser. Besides, it has 24 frets and a great cutaway. I think you'd probably end up preferring an 81/85 combo than 81/60.

So, Hellraiser.
Depends. The ec500 (which is an LTD, by the way, not ESP) has got a emg 60 in the neck, which (supposedly) has great cleans, contrary to the 85. I think that the ec500 is a more rythm playing oriented guitar, whereas the Hellraiser would do both. I would go with the EC because I don't quite need 24 frets and rather the emg60, plus I rather the way it looks to the Hellraiser. But it's up to you.
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