I have decided to buy i new amp and I have found two amps that I like:

Ampeg BA-115 and

Ashdown MAGC115T-300

so witch amp shall i buy and can i find some other good amps for the same price around 500-600 dollar ?

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Ashdown Mag 300 Head and Ashdwon Deep 4x10 or 1x15 cab or the Hartkee 2500 Head and Hartke VX 4x10 cab or 1x15 cab. Each is 300 USD.
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Ampeg sets the standard to which all bass amps are compared in the industry, at least the SVTs do. i've tried one myself, a 500w through an 8x10 cab, absolutely glorious, perfect mix of power and tone. i couldn't really speak for the non-SVT models, but i imagine they would be at least exceptional. if i had the money, i'd go ampegs 100%.

unfortunately, i don't have the money, but i'll make do with a Carvin (my second choice for bass anyhow, first for guitar)